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Exercise at home - for HD families

The European Huntington's Disease Network are asking the HD Community to stay safe and they are sharing links to remain active while at home. Please see their message below:

We strongly encourage EHDN members to follow their local institutional or governmental policy for the current COVID-19 advisory. Please ensure the safety and security of yourself, family, friends and colleagues during this time of uncertainty.

During this time of uncertainty, the EHDN continues to be operational, working from home, via email, phone, skype and video webinars. Please note that it is important to remain active as much as possible. To this end, please see below  suggestions for exercise at home compiled by the Physiotherapy Working Group:

Many of you will be aware of the importance of staying as physical active as possible both for your general health and in terms of managing your Huntington’s Disease (HD). The coronavirus situation will most likely be making this a little more difficult for you particularly as we follow government advice to stay in our homes.

We would like to share some information with you that you may find useful to help you stay as as active as possible during this time. We believe that it is important for you to do some structured exercise every day to help you maintain strength and balance.

We hope the booklet enclosed will give you some ideas of exercises that you can do at home. These have been specifically developed for people with HD. You can also find videos showing you how to do these exercise by following these links, these replace the DVD referred to in the instruction leaflet.

Our advice is to choose at least 2 or 3 exercises from each section of the booklet: flexibility and warm up; balance and co-ordination; circuit resistance training; strength training and the cool down. You can do these exercises 2 to 3 times per day.

Remember to get up and walk about as much as you are able. If you have a garden, walk outside for a bit and see what is changing as spring is happening.

PDF - Move to excercise

Kind regards,
The EHDN Physiotherapy Working Group