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EHA Webinar Prilenia filing for EMA approval for Pridopidine

The European HD Association hosted a Webinar about the Prilenia filing for EMA approval for the drug Pridopidine on March 18th, 2024

Prilenia  announced, on 12 March 2024, that they will apply for market authorisation to the European Medicines Agency (EMA) for the drug Pridopidine within the coming months.

The EHA, in cooperation with Prilenia, organised a webinar, to better understand this news and allow attendees from the Huntington’s community to ask questions.

 Henk Shuring, Chief Regulatory and Commercialisation Officer at Prilenia, shed light on the rationale behind the decision and the process leading up to it. What factors influenced their decision?

Anne Rosser, Professor at Cardiff University, discussed the significance of that major step for patients and families. She shared her insights on how we should perceive the opportunities presented and the precautions we should consider. 

The speakers reminded the community of the need to manage expectations. Filing for authorisation does not mean approval or access. 

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